One of the most important issues during the car rental process is insurance options. Choosing the right insurance allows you to protect yourself against possible risks during your trip. But which of these options should you prefer? Here is what you need to know about car rental insurances and tips on which option you should choose:

Basic Comprehensive Insurance: This is usually the basic insurance for renting a car. This insurance protects against basic damages such as theft and collision. However, it usually covers a portion of the rental price of the rental car and may require a high self contribution to cover your own damage.

Extra Comprehensive Insurance: Extra car insurance has broader coverage beyond the basic insurance. For example, it can include extra risks such as broken glass, tire damage or theft. This option offers more protection, but usually requires an additional fee.

Third Party Liability Insurance: This insurance covers damage caused by your car to the property or health of others. Third party liability insurance can help prevent legal problems.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): This insurance covers accidental medical expenses for you and your passengers. It keeps you safe while traveling.

Theft Insurance: This is an insurance option that protects against the risk of vehicle theft. It can be especially useful in areas where the risk of theft is high.

Be Safe with Leke Filo: It is important to make the right choice when it comes to car rental insurances. At Leke Filo, we offer a variety of insurance options to provide you with full protection during your vacation or business trip. When making your insurance choice, our team of experts will guide you and help you find the option that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer basic motor insurance, extra motor insurance or other types of insurance, you can be sure that you are safe at Leke Filo. Choose Leke Filo for a peaceful journey and make your car rental experience perfect!

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