LEKE Filo, a subsidiary of SLPLUS Holding, which never gives up its priority of creating value, makes a difference as a pioneering organization offering high quality service and a wide range of vehicle options in the automotive sector. LEKE Filo is known for its expertise in supplying top segment cars suitable for the needs of its customers in Turkey.

Our company continues to expand its wide vehicle portfolio in all segments, especially in the upper segment.

With a business approach centered on customer satisfaction, LEKE Filo offers the most suitable solutions for the specific needs of each customer by offering a wide and diverse range of vehicle options, and creates cost advantages with long-term and project-based leasing options.

  • Strong and Experienced Staff
  • Wide Vehicle Portfolio
  • LEKE Filo Assurance
  • Corporate and Individual Solutions
  • Strong Partnership
  • Cost Advantage
Our Mission

As Leke Filo, we are strengthening our mission of being a pioneer in the car rental sector day by day. We offer the highest level of service by focusing on the needs and demands of our customers. Our expert staff guides our customers to choose the most suitable vehicle and we make every journey of our customers special.

As Leke Filo, reliability is a key value for us. We always take the highest standards of maintenance and safety measures and ensure that our customers travel safely. As Leke Filo, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of comfort, freedom and reliability. We are here to make your every journey more special together with our valued customers and we will continue to act with this mission in the future.

Our Vision

As a leading organization in the car rental industry, we aim to provide superior service in Turkey. We strive to meet our customers' mobility needs and offer them an unforgettable experience. Our customer-oriented approach is the cornerstone of our business. We constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations and meet their needs. By offering a wide range of vehicles in Turkey, we strive to meet every need and provide our customers with a variety of rental options. We are known for our quality service, competitive prices and reliability. As Leke Filo, we are also aware of our responsibility for sustainability. We encourage environmentally friendly practices and aim to contribute to leaving a cleaner environment for future generations. We are determined to maintain our leadership in the sector and always provide the best service to our customers.

Our Success Statistics

LEKE Filo: Backed by Statistics Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

4 Years +Experience
100Customer Satisfaction
100+Vehicle Variety